Easy Care First Aid Kit Home


Home and workshop version. (15) 0.75″x3″ adhesive plastic bandage, (8) 0.38″x1.5″ adhesive plastic bandage, (8) 1″x3″ adhesive plastic bandage, (2) knuckle bandage, (2) spot bandage, (2) knee/elbow fabric bandage, (15) antiseptic towelette, (3) triple antibiotic ointment, (2) butterfly wound closure, (3) assorted safety pins, (2) insect sting relief pad, (1) tweezers, (1) non-adherent 2″x3″ pad, (2) 0.9g burn cream, (10) cotton tipped applicator, (3) 2″x2″ sterile gauze pad, (3) 3″x3″ sterile gauze pad, (2) 2″x 4.1 yard roller gauze bandage, (1) 0.5″ x 2.5 yard tape, (1) 5″x9″ combine pad, (2) medical grade gloves, (1) CPR breathing barrier, (1) Emergency First Aid Guide. Hardside carrying case.

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